Recovering Audio from an Audio-less Video

What is Sound?

Sound is nothing but a disturbance in the medium of air over a period of time. Disturbance refers to the vibrations and collisions of air molecules. Imagine ‘sound’ like a ripple created in water when a stone hits the water. Those vibrations cause our eardrums to vibrate and this information is processed by our brains to give you a feeling of sound.

Recovering Sound from Objects without using a Microphone

Let’s imagine you are eating chips while watching television and the packet of chips is laying around in a corner of the room. Now, the sound from the television can create minute deformations on the surface of the packet causing it to vibrate. The vibrations are so subtle that they can’t be seen with a naked eye. Now, what if we can recover the audio of your television by just observing the vibrations of the surface of the chip packet?

Source: MIT Research Paper



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